Meet David Feddern

David Feddern’s branch of service was the United States Air Force. He served from August of 1982-May 9th of 1986 in ROTC. ROTC stands for Reserve Officer Training Corps. He also served from February 16th, 1987-May 5th, 1986 on active duty. While on active duty he was promoted to Captain. He served in the Strategic Air Command and the 90th Strategic Missile Wing. He was located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He retired from active duty military service on May 5th, 1993. He is currently a pastor at Zion Lutheran Church near Hampton, NE.

One of my favorite stories he told me was during his time of service was when he got to go to D.C. and as he was walking across the White House yard he got to see President Ronald Reagan through his bedroom window and got to salute him with his squadron. Later that day while he was walking in the White House hallway (which was small enough two people could not walk next to each other) all of a sudden his squadron threw themselves against the wall at attention and he was thinking it was President Reagan, but it ended up being General Powell who ordered, “gentleman at ease.”  By Casandra McIntosh

The AHS Heroes & Huskies Project pairs military veterans with 11th Grade American History students and Pastor Feddern is a member of Group 3. Since October 4, he has been participating in several activities, including a recorded interview of his military service by Aurora High School Junior Casandra McIntosh. Pastor Feddern met his partner, Casandra, on October 4, during a “Meet and Greet” session.  The group spent the next morning at the Plainsman Museum for a lesson on building a public exhibit display. The veterans came back to school for a panel discussion day, a practice interview and then a recorded interview.  Students spent several days preparing the videos for a review by their veteran partners. The veterans review the videos before they are uploaded to the project website (heroesandhuskies.weebly.com).

The next part of the project is an Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. for the veterans and students. While in D.C. the Heroes & Huskies will tour Arlington National Cemetery, observe the changing of the guard at the Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers, and visit the military monuments and memorials. The objective of the one day trip to Washington, D.C. is to honor the veterans for their service to our country and allow students to see how our country acknowledges these men and women with monuments, memorials, and a national military cemetery. 

The final planned activity is a free public event Monday, November 4 at the Plainsman Museum. The program begins at 6:00 pm with keynote speaker, Monte Yoder, followed by time to talk to veterans and their student partners at tables in the museum’s rotunda.

Pastor Feddern’s interview video is available for viewing on the “Hero Galleries” page of the project website (heroesandhuskies.weebly.com). Thank you Pastor for participating in the AHS Heroes & Huskies Project and for your service to our country.

By Brenda Klawonn