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For Many Years, Oh God of Grace!

"The purpose of this congregation is to share the true Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, throughout our membership, our communities and the world."  


Zion is....a congregation of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  The LCMS was chartered in 1847 and Zion joined Synod in 1880. 

Zion was chartered in 1873 and is one of the oldest continuous congregations of the LCMS between here and the west coast.

Zion is....a Christ centered, Bible believing congregation.  Based on the tenets of the Lutheran Reformation - Grace Alone, Faith Alone and Scripture Alone - Zion's focus is always the blood that Christ has shed for us.                                       

Zion is....a congregation committed to Christian education and youth.  Even before having their first pastor, classes were being held in a sod cabin. 

Zion is....a rural congregation with great diversity.  Locally, Zion draws members from Aurora, Bradshaw, Hampton, Henderson, Hordville,Grand Island, Marquette, Polk, Sutton and York.  The diversity of the congregation is reflected in the occupational pursuits of Zion's members.

Zion is....a mission minded church having shared members to start Immanuel, Polk: Salem and St. Peter, Hampton; and having helped St. Paul, Central City.  Mission starts were considered in Bradshaw and Sutton.  Currently Zion is sponsoring a preaching station in Aurora.  Mission groups at Zion have been active in Gospel outreach and support as well as social ministry.












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Zion Lutheran Church
1511 N Y Rd.
Hampton, Nebraska 68843
Map  •   Directions
Phone 402-725-3320

Regular Schedule

  • Children's Sunday School
    – 9:00 AM
  • Adult Bible Study
    – 9:00 AM
  • Morning Worship
    – 10:00 AM
  • East Park Villa Worship
    – 6:30 PM


  • Blessed Birthday Bash

    Come join us as the LWML hosts a Blessed Birthday Bash! This celebration will be held following worship on March 24. A meal of lasagna, salad, bread sticks and of course, birthday cake will be served.  Just bring yourselves and an offering for the 150th anniversary of Zion to be held in 2023! This is for the whole congregation, we look forward to seeing you all there!

  • David Ahn, Seminarian student

    Dear Zion Lutheran Church, Thank you for that encouraging letter this Christmas. It is encouraging to see that people at Zion Lutheran Church are thinking of me. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year. I went back home for break and spent time with my family. I also had the chance to preach twice at two local LCMS churches. Spring semester will start soon. Hopefully, I can learn a lot this semester. I will be taking classes on worship liturgy and advanced preaching this semester. Pray that I will learn a lot. Pray that the Lord will help me gain knowledge that can help me as a pastor in the future. I will get my vicarage call in May. Pray that the Lord will alleviate my anxiety as I wait for the call. Please continue to pray for me as I study at the seminary. In the name of Jesus, David Ahn

  • Adult Bible Class

    Please join us as we read and study current articles in the Lutheran Witness and Lutheran Small Cathechism.  Everyone welcome and babysitting provided.

  • Achievements!

    Nick Hutsell & the Aurora basketball team (25-1) – #2 Seed in Class B State Tournament, #10 All-Class Top 10 & #2 in Class B ratings in Omaha World-Herald; Peru State College Business Contest – Dawson Ohrt – 3rd place Word Processing; Odessa Ohrt – 3rd place Marketing, 5th place Personal Finance; Kale Wetjen – 4th place Business Math and  5th place Introduction to Business.


    This month's Special Mission Sunday will be February 24 and the designated mission is Lutheran Hour Ministries.

    LHM is a Christian outreach ministry that provides The Lutheran Hour radio program, daily devotions, help topics and booklets, evangelism training, outreach resources for churches, Bible correspondence courses, international ministries, volunteer trips and service projects. Zion's offering will go to local broadcasting of The Lutheran Hour. The Lutheran Hour is a U.S. Christian radio program in North America. First broadcast on October 2, 1930, and functioning as an outreach ministry of Lutheran Hour Ministries, it is a Christian outreach radio program. Please consider an extra "loose offering" on this Sunday. (Loose offering is cash/coins or check with "special offering" in the memo.)


    What does the Bible have to Say about Life Today?  What is grace?  What do we know about heaven?  How can I trust God more than anything?  How can I think about others more than myself?  What is the Law?  What is the Gospel?  Why does it matter?  Why should I go to church?  Are Baptism and Communion really that important?  If you or someone you know wants to understand what Lutherans believe about our heavenly Father’s love; our Savior’s presence with us in the past, present, and future; and the Holy Spirit’s power for daily living, than contact one of the Elders (Shane Dose – (402) 631-8965, tsdose@hamilton.net; Nathan Panko – (402) 762-5324, natepanko@hotmail.com, or Boyd Stuhr, Jr. – (402) 366-8608, stuhrville@stewireless.com) and let them know you’re interested in attending An Introduction to the Lutheran Faith.  

  • Men's Bible Breakfast Study

     Join us as we study the Courageous Fathers of the Bible, which examines the lives of 12 real men in the Bible, the work of Christian fatherhood, and the challenges and victories these 12 men faced as they relied on God's grace.  The fathers that will be discussed include Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Job, Solomon, Joseph, Jairus, the Official, and the prodigal son's father.  We will meet every other Tuesday.  Please check calendar for updates.

  • Hampton Lutheran School
  • East Park Villa Worship

    PLEASE NOTE.....  Service time is 6:30 pm, in the 3rd floor commons area and this evening service is open to the public so if you miss in the morning at Zion you can catch Worship in the evening at East Park. 

  • Endowment Committee

    Click Here for more informationhttp://www.zionhampton.com/endowment_committee

  • Ladies Aid

    Meets Monthly - 2nd Thursday @ 9:30am
    Click Here

  • LLL
  • Lutherans for Life
  • LWML

    Meets Monthly - 3rd Tuesday -7pm  Click Here


    If the handicapped parking is full the next best thing is available on the south side of the church for access through the south door.  Except for loading/unloading, please keep the main lane open as a "fire" lane.  Thanks!

Upcoming Events



HLS Chapel
8:30 AM
Lent Worship
7:00 PM
Fellowship & Confirmation/Prepatory Classes following worship
Confirmation Classes
7:40 PM
following worship


HLS Chapel
8:30 AM
Lent Worship
7:00 PM
Fellowship & Confirmation/Prepatory Classes following worship
Confirmation Classes
7:40 PM
following worship


Spring Administrator’s Conference
@ Camp Carol Joy-Holling—Ashland


Spring Administrator’s Conference
@ Camp Carol Joy-Holling—Ashland