Dedication of the new church building

From:  The Bradshaw Republican Newspaper (1897)

The dedication of the new church building of the German Lutheran congregation, 4 1/2 miles northeast of Hampton and 7 miles northwest of Bradshaw willl take place October 31st.  German services will be held in the morning and evening and at 2:30 p.m. an English service to be presented at which we cordially invite all our neighbors and friends far and near.

Our former church, 40x60 in size was struck by lightning last year and totally destroyed.  This summer we set to work to erect a more commodious building and our efforts were crowned with success.  The dimension of the new church are: 93 feet in length, 54 feet in width, tower 112 feet high, making it the largest church in Hamilton County.  The church was erected by Mr. K. Humphrey of Seward, Mr. Bloomer of York funished the bulding material and the painting and papering was done by Mr. Chas. Hudson of Hampton.  The seating capacity is above 800.  Instead of plastering the building, we have used a compo-board throughout, which we consider much superior to plaster.  The interior is painted white and gold and presents a very pleasing appearance.

The altar, 18 ft. in height, and the pulpit, works of art costing $300.00 have been presented to the congregation by our young people.  The organ loft is occupied by a $750.00 pipe organ and a 2000 lb. bell of genuine bell metal has been ordered for the tower.

We have put up the church by our own efforts only and have not asked a single soul outside our congregation for any aid.  Ocober 31st we shall dedicate the church with three services as above mentioned and we shall be much pleased to have our friends from far and near participate in the same. 

Respectfully yours,

Rev. Theo. Moellering


Pastor Moellering served Zion from 1890-1911.  In his notes dated January 1897:  "Sunday, the 10th, preached in the morning in Hampton, namely from now on in the Methodist Church on Main Street and in the afternoon in our crowded school house.  Wednesday afternoon, the 20th, a congregation meeting was held in which it was decided to start rebuilding the burned down church at the end of winter; in the last two weeks almost $4000.00 in pledges for this purpose had been gathered in the congregation; in addition we have received $1000.00 from Synod from moneys collected for congregations that suffered damage from storms."


Other documents indicated that the total cost in the area of $7,877 for the building and contents at that time.